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Sample Packs


Sample Our Three Signature Roasts. 2 oz. bags

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Signature Roasts


If you like dark roast with intense flavor and no bitter aftertaste, then this is the one for you. This is Sozo’s most popular dark roast.

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From the East

Dark Roast: A “Seattle style” blend that captures the intense smoky flavor that the West Coast was built on.

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Breakfast Blend

This light roast has an eye opening richness with a smooth body and a pleasing rich aroma.

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Medium Roast: This espresso blend is balanced with chocolatey, earthy notes and a cherry finish.

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Single Origins



Produced by remote farmers, this organic coffee is smooth bodied and richly flavored with hints of chocolate, peanut butter, and orange peel.

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Medium bodied with notes of bakers chocolate, peach, clementine, and green apple. Read the full story of Rodney’s visit to Ethiopia here.

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This smooth, flavorful coffee has peach overtone, a floral aroma, and a clean sweet finish.

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Olopa, Guatemala

Medium body, begins with bouquet of flower notes, dark chocolate and cranberry finish. Read the full story of Rodney’s visit to Orlando’s farm here.

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Cuidad Vieja, Guatemala

Syrupy body, candied pecan, dark cherry, and woodsy finish. Read the full story of Rodney’s visit to Alex’s farm here.

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San Antonio La Paz, Guatemala

Full body, flavor consisting of warm cinnamon, molasses, earthy spices, and raw honey. Read the full story of Rodney’s visit to Herlindo’s farm here.

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Coffee Brewers

Kalita Wave


The Kalita Wave Style Set combines the large size Wave Glass Dripper and glass server to make the brewing process simple and elegant.

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The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee, American style or Espresso style for use in lattes, cappucinos and other espresso based drinks. AeroPress brews simply delicious coffee, 1-4 cups per pressing.

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Coffee Grinders

Bodum Bistro

Burr Coffee Grinder

The Bistro is continuously adjustable – twisting the upper bean container determines how finely ground the beans will be. With over 14 settings from coarse to fine, you can deliver the ideal grind for any brewing method.

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Bodum Electric Blade Grinder

There’s more to great coffee than choosing exquisite beans and the right brewing method. Freshly grinding the beans right before they come in contact with hot water makes the difference in taste that real coffee connoisseurs appreciate. The bistro blade grinder is the perfect tool for this. It’s small enough to stay put on the counter for easy access and its cable can be stored inside the grinder at the bottom.

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